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This took some time!

Posted on February 19, 2017

Ok, “soon” is apparently a very flexible word! I thought I would get into posting some stuff at the end of last year, but the projects just kept coming so I didn’t really feel I had time to get into this. I’ve never been a writer, so all this is new to me, but I think it will be good for me to get some stuff out of my head and think about what I’m doing and what I’m putting time into. So bare with me!

That being said, I just bought a new computer which I put together by myself for studio purpose so I thought I could start with a post about that.

This was the second time putting together a computer so I put a little less time in doing the research this time than the first time. My last build was for a home/studio computer, but this one was only going to be for studio purpose so I could narrow down my focus a little bit. There are so many parts and manufacturers that you easily can lose grasp of time when searching for the right components, but this time I had some knowledge already.

So here’s what I ended up with :

Motherboard : Asus X99 A-II (Socket-2011-3)
CPU : Intel Core i7-6800K
RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz 32GB
PSU : Corsair HX850i
GPU : ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Dual OC
CPU Fan : Noctua NH-D15
Case : Corsair Carbide Quiet 600Q
Main SSD : Samsung 960 EVO 500 GB M.2
Storage HDD : Seagate Firecuda 2TB 3.5″ SSHD

I just put this all together and believe it or not, everything worked right away from the start! Well, if you exclude a bit of re-cabling when the power button didn’t work the second boot up. It must have lost connection when moving the computer. I haven’t really had time to push the limits yet, so I guess I have to make an update for that, but I did make a benchmark test on the Samsung 960 and wow…! It’s really as fast as the spec says it is. I also did some testing with loading a library patch from EWQL, more specifically their Piano Gold library, on both the USB 3.0 drive sent from EWQL and on the Samsung 960. The difference was HUGE. Here’s the loading times :

Samsung 960 Evo : 9.07s
USB 3.0 Drive sent from EWQL : 1min 12s

I mean, that’s 800% faster. So that’s really promising. Pro Tools is opening up super fast too, hopefully it will stay like this for a while even when the drive is being filled up a bit more.

The choice of motherboard came down to 3 things really.
1. Socket 2011 for multicore CPU
2. Thunderbolt expandability
3. Price

With the Asus X99 A-II I got both of those features for a reasonable price. To get a thunderbolt port all I need is a pci-e card which is quite cheap and then I can take advantage of TB 3.0 drives too.

The new RAMS with 3200hz will be useful when loading up larger sessions in pro tools and big VI libraries, so I hope that will work fine. I choose to go with 32 GB since I’ve currently worked with 16 GB RAM and I didn’t really feel like that was slowing me down too much but still wanted an upgrade. The Noctua CPU fan is really quiet so far. It’s enormous, but surprisingly quiet. Also, regarding the PSU I might have gone a bit overboard with that, but with my last build I had some very irregular blue screens which I haven’t really found out why yet, so I thought I could put some extra money in there just to be safe.

The only thing I do kind of regret is getting the Carbide 600Q Case. It’s a great case, don’t get me wrong, I think it has great potential to be super quiet even under load due to the fact that there’s so much space. The problem is the location of the USB ports. Since the case is built around an inverse ATX design all the ports that are usually at the top, are now at the bottom. This gets a bit frustrating when connecting external drives. As of now, they barely reach the top USB 3.0 ports when I put them on top of the case. Longer cables will solve this issue, but it’s an unnecessary problem I think.

Otherwise, like I said, I haven’t really pushed the limits of the system yet so that will be an update later on I guess. But so far very happy with my new build!